Tanzania Nature Walk Tour

Enjoy an easy 90-minute wildlife walk around the lodge and Crater rim with our resident naturalist. On this purely educational tour, you will see an array of bird species, wildlife and plants and flowers while enjoying spectacular views of the Crater floor below. Morning and evening walks are offered.

Tanzania Nature Walk Tour

This scenic walking safari takes place in the Ngorongoro Conservation area with the largest unbroken caldera in the world; the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater. During this remote walking safari you will explore extinct volcanoes, diverse landscapes, wildlife and meet the local Maasai who live in this area. Immerse yourself in these beautiful highlands, away from the crowds. The views and scenery are truly breathtaking.

Marvel at the spectacular views down into the mighty Ngorongoro Crater on this walk to a seldom-visited section of the Crater rim – and watch out for any number of forest birds, animals and indigenous plants. After driving to a scenic and remote trailhead, your walk along the Crater rim will take you through gorgeous foliage, past colourful wild flowers and lush trees unique to the Ngorongoro Highlands. The walk is particularly rewarding for montane forest birds, including the olive sunbird, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, and European roller that we spotted. You could also – as we did – come across larger fauna; such as giraffe, zebra and elephant (which is why you are accompanied by an experienced guide and armed ranger at all times).

As we walked up the steady incline, our guide told us about the traditional medicinal uses of the various plants, as well as pointing out animal tracks and scat. We saw fairly fresh evidence of leopard, which certainly adds a sense of excitement when travelling on foot! The highlight, however, has to be the mesmerising panoramic views down into the Crater. This is a seldom-visited area with priceless views and some excellent photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera.

The walk is on uneven ground and through scrubby bush, but is not hugely strenuous, so only moderate fitness levels are required. Depending on the time of day, it can be quite warm. While walking boots may not be necessary, good sturdy shoes are advisable, along with sun protection, plenty of water – and, of course, a camera.

Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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