Night Game Drives

Many predators that spend the daylight resting come out in the dark of night. The sleek genet searches for dinner, competing with serval and African wildcat while the fearless honey badger also sets out to hunt its next meal. The leopard rules the territory, stealthily stalking and ambushing unsuspecting antelope. The lion wakes from its day spent napping in the sun and night birds come to life, swooping acrobatically and making use of reflective markings to confuse prey.  

Night Game Drives

Add another dimension to your daily game drives and enter the world of Africa’s nocturnal predators on a thrilling night game drive drive. Night game drives at Lake Manyara National Park are particularly spectacular, with the moon reflecting off the lake. After an early dinner, leave the lodge at about 20h00 and explore the park for approximately three hours. Your expert guide will take you through the park’s diverse habitats in search of nocturnal animals and sounds, giving you a completely different perspective of the lake and the Rift Valley Escarpment.

Not only do night game drives allow you to observe nocturnal animals such as porcupines, civet cats, and aardvarks, they are also a fantastic way to see nocturnal predators and herbivores in their element. For those wishing to encounter nocturnal animals such as civet cats, porcupines, genets, mongoose, aardvarks, cape hares, and more, a night game drive is a fantastic option.

The wild animals in this park are in top notch condition, due to the dependable water supply year round. There is an abundance of elusive animals that are rarely seen in the day, but that are incredibly active at night on the Night game drive. Keep your eyes open, and hopefully you will be lucky enough to spot shy genets, lithe civet cats and prickly porcupines. Possibly easier to see will be the massive hippos happily foraging under a leafy tree on the road side. Fleeting leopards often wander around the park and, even though it is not a given that you will see one, there are regular sightings of them. The kings of the jungle, the golden lions, pride themselves on sleeping all day so fortunately, you are sure to seen them as they are most mobile at night.

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